What is a Relationship?

  • A relationship is a model element that relates two entities.
  • A relationship describes the relation between two entities.
  • A model consists of / is a set of relationships.
dragon1 relationship example

Relationships between entities.

Dragon1 uses relationships in your data to find patterns, and compliance with standards so that these insights can be visualized in your architecture diagrams.

Relationship Specification Example

A relationship between a process task that uses a software application, is specified in the following way in Dragon1:

{"class":"relationship", "id":"1", "name":"uses", "modelid":"1", "type":"association", "sourceclass":"task", "sourceid":"1", "targetclass":"application", "targetid":"1"}

Create a Relationship

You can create a relationships manually via the Collaboration application or Architecture Repository.

You can draw a relationship and have it stored in the repository via the Visual Designer or the Viewer.

Read more about creating a relationship.