Manage Users

If you have the admin role of your account you may add users, enable/disable users and change the role of a user.

To get the admin role for your account you need to contact the service desk.

Below you see an example overview of users.

Add Users

How to add a user?

To add a user:

  • Log in as Admin
  • Go to the Users List via the Data Dashboard (.../collaboration/users)
  • Click on the red plus button
  • Fill in a name and email
  • Click on Add

Now the user is added to the account and has a login.

Edit User Info

To edit the info of a user:

  • Log in as Admin or as User
  • Click on the avatar/picture of a user
  • Update the data in the dialog
  • Click OK

Change Role

To change the role of a user:

  • Log in as Admin
  • Select the icon at the right of the user box
  • Select the correct role
  • Click on Update

Enable / Disable Users

To enable or disable a user:

  • Log in as Admin
  • Click on the stop sign at the right bottom of the user box
  • Answer the question with OK.