Manage Users

If you have the admin role of your account you may add users, enable/disable users and change the role of a user.

To get the admin role for your account you need to contact the service desk.

Below you see an example overview of users.

dragon1 manage users

Manage Users overview.

Add Users

How to add a user?

To add a user:

  • Log in as Admin
  • Go to the Users List via the Data Dashboard (.../collaboration/users)
  • Click on the red plus button
  • Fill in a name and email
  • Click on Add

The user is added to the account and has a login.

Edit User Info

To edit the info of a user:

  • Log in as Admin or as User
  • Click on the avatar/picture of a user
  • Update the data in the dialog
  • Click OK

Change Role

To change the role of a user:

  • Log in as Admin
  • Select the icon at the right of the user box
  • Select the correct role
  • Click on Update

Enable / Disable Users

To enable or disable a user:

  • Log in as Admin
  • Click on the stop sign at the right bottom of the user box
  • Answer the question with OK.