Create a Flowchart Diagram

On the Dragon1 platform, you can create flowchart examples in an instance.

Creating Flowcharts

To Create a Flowchart Diagram in the Visual Designer:

  • Click on 'select diagram type' at the top of the Shapes Panel at the right
  • Select diagram type 'Flowchart Diagram'
  • You now see the core set of Flowchart Shapes
  • Drag four rectangles (lanes) to the canvas
  • Give each lane a name of a role in a process, such as client, service employee, manager, bank
  • Drag a few shapes into every lane
  • Connect them with a link by selecting a shape and using the Arrow smart tool to drag a link to another shape

Creating a Flowchart examples

flowchart diagram lanes

Example Screenshot of shapes placed as lanes.

flowchart diagram shapes lane

Example Screenshot of shapes placed in a lane.

flowchart diagram

Example Screenshot of a flowchart colored in with Color schemes and Profile Styles.

create flowchart

Example Screenshot of how to share a visualization so that it is visible on a Watch Page.

flowchart examples

Example Screenshot of a flowchart diagram on a watch page.