Example .dragon1 Files

A .dragon1 File is a JSON structured text file that can contain data, reports, models, views, visualizations (i.e. diagrams), templates, presentations and atlases. The visualizations can be static, interactive, playable animations and real-time generated (populating a template with data).

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To get you started with .dragon1 Files and its unique file format, we present here some example .dragon1 Files.

You can download, edit (f.i. in Notepad) and upload them in the Dragon1 Viewer or view them via the URL like this: https://www.dragon1.com/viewer?f=https://www.dragon1.com/downloads/business-model-canvas.dragon1

The files are copyright protected.

.dragon1 Files are great for managers, architects and students to document their projects, in a formal, testable, interactive and executable way. Also, you can generate from any system a .dragon1 File and generate a visualization with it via the viewer.

.dragon1 Files are an alternative way of using and working with Dragon1, without making use of the repository.

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