Create Relationship


On Dragon1 you can create a relationship between entities, entity types and entity classes. With that you can create instance models, user models and meta models.

How To Create A Relationship

To create a relationship do:

  • Go to the Architecture Repository web application.
  • Enter two entities, for instance an application and a process
  • Create a folder called Relationships
  • Select the folder
  • Choose from the Entities menu the menu item Insert Relationship
  • Use the Insert Relationship Dialog to select the Application entityclass and next your inserted application
  • Use the Insert Relationship Dialog to select the Process Entityclass and next your inserted process
  • Select also a relationship type
  • Click on Make
  • You will now see your relationship inserted in the treeview at the left

How to Delete a Relationship

To Delete a relationship do:

  • Select a relationship in the folder
  • Click on the Delete relationship button in the form
  • Now you see the relationship removed from the treeview and the folder list.

The data is not really removed from the repository, but only placed in the recycle bin. Use the Edit menu to select the Edit dialog. Click on Recycle Bin and see the deleted items. Here you can select an item in the list and click the Undelete button on the form. Now your item is undeleted and again shown in the folder.

How to Use the Relationship

You can use the relationship in the Visual Designer to create dynamic views.


Screenshot showing added data to the repository:

Screenshot showing added relationships to the repository:

Screenshot showing added Insert Dialog for relationships:

Screenshot showing added relationship to the repository: