Company Settings

The company settings page shows the relevant settings for your company and your account.

  • Account - set of architecture data of a user organization on Dragon1
  • Company - the user organization
  • Login - A username/password combination that provides access for a person to his or her data and shared data in an account
  • User - a person from a user organization that has a login.

The page gives you a list of logins that are part of your account. Only these users have access to your account.

Below you see a part of the company settings page:

dragon1 settings company account

Company Settings account.

Overview of the Company Settings

You can do the following settings on this page:

  • Change your company name
  • Enable or disable your public company profile
  • Upload a company logo
  • Choose primary and secondary colors for your color scheme
  • Enter a company description
  • Change the account lock: whether or not, any user can publish content publicly. (only available for account administrators)

When you change data on this page, click the Save button to save the changes.