Designing and Architecture for Enterprise Architects

DEMO: You can designing and architecture an EA Atlas via import excel data for analysis of security risk.

Enterprise Architecture is a complete science and profession of its own. Still, the Architecture Design field is young, so for most of us, it is all new. Beneath you will find a list of 'How To' step-by-step tutorials to design effective visual and interactive products.

When you are busy designing in Architecture Software and you are curious about how to create certain architecture products or how to execute certain architecture processes? The resources on this website are your guide that will lead you through the steps on Visual Enterprise Architecture compliant with the Dragon1 open EA Method.

Designing and Architecture starts with an Enterprise Architecture Framework on Dragon1.

Your Step by Step Tutorial

On every page here, you will find a series of steps for designing and architecture products. The order of these enterprise architecture products is the ideal/normal order of products to create compliant with the Dragon1 EA Method.

We provide you with the following step-by-step tutorials:

A) Conceptual Architecture Design

The following products are all part of designing and architecture, Phase 1:

  1. How to draw a Stakeholder Needs & Requirements Analysis Diagram (Stakeholders' Enterprise Vision)
  2. How to draw an Enterprise Structure Elements & Functions Diagram (Enterprise Structure Vision)
  3. How to draw an Enterprise Architecture Functions, Concepts & Principles Diagram (Enterprise Architecture Vision)
  4. How to create an ArchiMate Business Functions Diagram?
  5. How to create a Design Sketch of an Enterprise Total Concept?

B) Preliminary Architecture Design

The following products are all part of designing and architecture, Phase 2:

  1. How to make a Principles Detail drawing of a concept?
  2. How to make a meta-model, user model, and an instance model?
  3. How to create a Process Landscape diagram (with business functions)?
  4. How to create an Application Architecture Landscape diagram (static and dynamic)?
    Including domains, information systems, suites, modules, components, objects, interfaces, connections, software and services.
  5. How to make a technology (services) roadmap
  6. How to make a current state architecture blueprint
  7. How to set up a current state architecture principles document/database

C) EA Dossiers

These products are all part of the Enterprise Architecture Dossier:

  1. How to set up an EA Baseline
  2. How to create a current state Enterprise Architecture Framework diagram?
  3. How to set up a glossary of terms document/database
  4. How to design an Enterprise Architecture (Document)
  5. How to design a Governance Architecture (Document)
  6. How to design a Business Architecture (Document)
  7. How to design an Information Architecture (Document)
  8. How to design a Technical Architecture (Document)
  9. How to design a Security Architecture (Document)

By studying these tutorials you will cover architectural processes, products, checklists, document templates, and other practical things from the Dragon1 open EA Method.

And Get Started Designing

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On Dragon1, free templates are available to be more productive when creating diagrams.

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The step-by-step tutorial intends that you get interested in designing architecture products. From there you can decide to either follow a training course or create a free Dragon1 account.

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