Resource Center Help Page


The Resource Center is an application to create a website inside Dragon1, where you can publish the data, models and visualizations created on Dragon1. You can give stakeholder restricted access to this website.

The resource center is used for several things. We list the common purposes here:

  • To create an architecture intranet
  • To publish the enterprise architecture dossier
  • To create a wiki for Dragon1 users
  • To publish any set of interesting documents and publications for architecture workers
  • To create an intranet for Digital Transformation
  • To monitor the progress of projects and their compliance with architecture
  • Provide insights to stakeholders on what input-documents you are using to create an architecture
  • To create a knowledge base for working with architecture

Dragon1 promotes always to create an enterprise architecture dossier. Read about creating an Enterprise Architecture Dossier at maturity level 1 here.

Default Contents

The Resource Center supports you to create a default set of contents. In the menu you in the Resource Center you can choose that option.

This will generate the following default menu and default pages.

You can alter this menu and change pages so that they contain your data.

Most often first user create the first 20 most important items dfor an enterprise architecture dossier, to help all the projects and digital transformation in the organization.