Profile Settings

This page provides you with many settings options for you as a Business Professional.

Setup your profile

On Dragon1, you as a user can create a profile of yourself. With this profile, you promote yourself within your organization or on the web, for instance, to get a new assignment or project to work on, alone or with others.

To set up your detailed user profile information:

  • Login
  • Go to your Profile information via the Menu by clicking on Settings and then click on Profile
  • Now click on a section within the User Profile to get the form for that section.
  • Enter your data in the summary section
  • Enter your data in the personal section
  • Enter your data in the experience section
  • Enter your data in the portfolio section
  • Enter your data in the education section
  • If you want to make use of the portfolio section, of course, you first need to create visualizations in the Visual Designer.
  • Next you can enter their IDs in the portfolio list
  • Click on save to save your data.

Below you see a screenshot of a user profile that is made public and indexable by search engines, such as Google.

dragon1 user profile setup

Screenshot of the User Profile Setup pages.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee your profile will or will not be indexed by Google or another search engine.