Profile Settings

Setup your private and public profile

You are a Business Professional and you can create a profile for yourself on the Dragon1 platform. With this profile you promote yourself within your organization or on the web, for instance, to get a new project to work on, alone or with others.

Below you see a screenshot of a user profile that is made public and indexable by search engines, such as Google.

Learning Objectives

In this tutorial you will learn to:

  • Setup your user profile
  • Make yourself findable for your skills and knowledge
  • Watch your profile page
  • Change the name of your user profile url
  • Show or hide your user profile
  • How to ask questions to an expert

Setup Your Basic User Information

To set up your user:

  • Login
  • Go to your User information via the Menu by clicking on Settings and then click on User.
  • Here you can select an avatar as user photo, or upload a new picture for your user photo.
  • You can provide a name here for your profile, which is also a handle to be referenced within messages.
  • You can provide a secondary email address to log in.
  • If you want your full personal name or primary username to be changed, you will have to contact the service desk.
  • Click the Save button to have all information saved

Setup Your Detailed Profile Information

To set up your detailed profile information

  • Login
  • Go to your Profile information via the Menu by clicking on Settings and then click on Profile
  • Now click on a section within the User Profile to get the form for that section.
  • Enter your data in the summary section
  • Enter your data in the personal section
  • Enter your data in the experience section
  • Enter your data in the portfolio section
  • Enter your data in the education section
  • If you want to make use of the portfolio section, of course you first need to create visualizations in the Visual Designer.
  • Next you can enter their IDs in the portfolio list
  • Click on save to save your data.

Change your Privacy Settings

You may choose if your profile is hidden, not available, not indexed or visible for your colleagues or visible to everyone.

To hide your profile or make it visible:

  • Go to the Privacy and Notifications menu item in the Settings menu
  • Set your Profile to Public, NoIndex or Private
  • If you set your profile to Public, your profile will be indexed in Google and anyone who visits can look at your profile. Also, your name and avatar will show up on the user's page.
  • If you set your profile to NoIndex, your profile will be public, but not be indexed in Google*.
  • If you set your profile to Private, it cannot be accessed by people who are not logged into your Dragon1 account (meaning the same company). Also, your name and avatar will not show up on the user page.
  • Click Save to save the data
  • Check after a few days if your profile has been indexed in Google. If it's not, please contact us via

Who Has Viewed My Profile?

This is a future option and will become available anytime.

Be an Expert

If you make sure your profile communicates your skills correctly, people will start to send you a question on a topic via your profile page. Your email address is not provided, so it is safe and secure for you.

You can switch off this option on the privacy page.

Example Screenshots

dragon1 user profile

This is an example screenshot of a published user profile.

dragon1 user profile setup

This is an example screenshot of the user profile setup pages.

We never can guarantee your profile will not be indexed by Google or another search engine. Search engines provide commands to use to tell a page should not be indexed, but it is not guaranteed that it will not index the page.