Publish a Visualization


Visualizations in Dragon1 can be shared via publishing. In order to control the number of people capable of seeing the Visualization, Dragon1 uses a mechanism in which the author can specify who is able to see the Visualization. This mechanism is called the "Publication Status".

Dragon1 supports five publication statuses:

  • Unpublished
    Typically used for drafts, this is the default status.
  • Private
    Only visible for the user.
  • Privileged
    Visible for the user and a selected group of people.
  • Public
    Visible for all Dragon1 users.
  • Worldwide
    Visible for everyone in the world.

How to publish a Visualization?

To publish a Visualization, the following steps have to be taken:

  • Log in.
  • Click the "Data Dashboard" menu option, under "Collaboration".
Use the Data Dashboard to navigate to Visualizations

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  • Click the "Visualizations tile in the Data Dashboard.
    A list view appears, showing the available Visualizations.
Choose the visualization to publish

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  • Click on a Visualization that needs to be published.
  • Click on "Edit" button in the button bar on top of the screen.
    The Visualization opens for editing.
  • Click on the "Publication Status "drop-down list, and select a publication status (e.g. Public).
  • Click on the "Save" button to save the new publication status.
Set the Publication Status of the Visualization

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  • In the left menu bar, click on the "Viewer".
    The search page of the Viewer appears, showing a grid of tiles containing published Visualizations.
Overview of published Visualizations in the Viewer

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