Searching and Filtering

How to Search and Filter Visualizations

Dragon1 supports you in various ways to search and filter content.

Finding Visualizations in the Viewer

When opening the Viewer, a page is shown in which the Visualizations are listed. Initially, this page will be empty, but in time the list of Visualizations will keep expanding. At some point in time, assistance in locating the correct Visualization will be welcome, this is where the built-in search functionality comes in handy.

dragon1 find visualizations in viewer using search bar

Find Visualizations in the Viewer using the search bar.

How to find Visualizations in the Viewer

At the top of the screen there is a search bar that can help to find the visualizations in an easy and efficient manner. The search bar is divided into four areas:

dragon1 search bar

Use the Search bar to find Visualizations in the Viewer.

  1. Search box
    Type a part of the name in the search box to filter the search on the name of the visualization.
  2. Filter by Cabinet and/or Class
    When working on a large number of projects, it can be handy to drill down a search based on a specific Cabinet and / or Entity Class.
  3. Meta data search
    When building the Visualization, Dragon1 keeps track of the Visualization and sets internal properties, such as the presence of images, publication status and content status.
  4. Search tags
    Find a visualization by clicking one or more tags. The tags should be been assigned at an earlier stage to the Visualization. The tags shown in the search bar, are tags that have been assigned before to one of more Visualizations created.

Find by using the search box

Start with typing in a search name in the search box, and the system will start searching immediately. In this case, all Visualizations with "business" in the name are shown.

dragon1 search box in viewer

Find Visualizations by using the search box in the Viewer.

Find by using Tags

Click one or more tags to filter the Visualizations. Only Visualizations containing the tag will be shown in the search results. In this case filter on the tag 'Architecture'.

dragon1 using tags in viewer

Find Visualizations by using tags in the Viewer.

Combining Search options

The search options can be combined to make a quick drill-down to the Visualization requested. When clicking too many options, the search result might be nothing. In that case, remove some of the selections until Visualizations are appearing again, then continue the filtering.

Filtering in the Model in the Viewer

When a Model is displayed inside the viewer, the model can be filtered by pressing the Filter button in the bottom bar of the screen. By pressing the button, a dialog is popped up in which the filter settings can be applied.

dragon1 filtering in viewer

Searching and filtering in the model in the Viewer.