Quick Start

Do the 10-minute Dragon1 Quick Start.

Generate Layered Architecture Diagram

Dragon1 is the perfect solution for generating clickable architecture visualizations with views to analyze the data effectively and efficiently.

To quickly generate a useful layered architecture diagram, you only need 3-minutes for 4 steps.

  • SELECT DEMO - Go the Demo overview in the Dragon1 Viewer. Select a demo.
  • EXPORT DATA TO EXCEL - Click on the Edit button in the bottom bar of the viewer. Click on the Export button in the top menu bar of the viewer. Next select an export option, f.i. Excel.
  • EDIT EXCEL - Edit the Excel Sheet (or CSV or JSON file) on your computer and save the changed file.
  • UPLOAD EXCEL IN THE VIEWER - Go again to the Viewer. Click the Upload button and select your Excel Sheet.

Click here to visit the FSwin-USA demo in the Viewer. FSwin-USA is a fictitious (non-existing) example company in financial services.

Demonstrating Features in the Viewer

The demos (www.dragon1.com/demo) all have a bar at the right with about 10 demo steps.

This bar guides you to try features in the Viewer.

These demo steps generally are:

  • Show Views List
  • Show Principles List
  • Highlight Objects
  • Show Infobox
  • Measure Rules
  • Show Data Sheet
  • Filter Roadmap Years
  • Filter Class
  • Draw Shapes
  • Show Dashboard
  • Discover Weaknesses
  • Select Theme
  • Export to Excel Sheet
  • Convert Excel Sheet to .dragon1 File
  • Upload .dragon1 File

You can also make a demo bar visible in the Viewer with these features.

To make a demo bar visible in the Viewer, click on the Reports button and click the Demo Bar link.

To automatically show the Demo Bar, place the value demo in the Visualization type field.

Interesting Things to Discover

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