User Settings

The user settings page shows the relevant settings for your user and for your account.

  • Account - set of architecture data of a user organization on Dragon1
  • Company - the user organization
  • Login - A username/password combination that provides access for a person to his or her own data and shared data in an account
  • User - a person from a user organization that has a login.

Here you can manage your user settings, for example, for your avatar, password and Dragon1 Page.

Below you see a part of the user settings page:

dragon1 user settings account

User Settings account.

Overview of the User Settings

You can do the following settings on this page:

  • Change you Dragon1 Page Name
  • Change your avatar (User Photo)
  • Enter an alternative email address to login
  • Be able to hide in searches

When you change data on this page, click on the Save button to save the changes.

There are more personal settings options on the profile settings page.