Application Portfolio Management Use Case

Use Case

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Transparency about applications and their business relevancy to improve business support and plan the roadmap to the target landscape. Import data from ArchiMate XML and Excel sheets. combine it and reuse it.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce Cost – Through Application rationalization
  • Reduce Risk – Through better understanding of Application landscape's functional and technological risk profile
  • Increase Agility – Through better support of strategic business demands

How does the overall application landscape look like? (1) A layered view

How does the overall application landscape look like? (2) An interactive domain view

Which servers (in detail) do support a specific application?

Dragon1 Application Portfolio Management overview

Who is the owner of a specific application?

Using Dragon1, I could provide management with visualizations that supported decision-making, data driven.

Tino Lew, SPSB, Auditor & Senior Manager, Suriname

In which Applications to invest, which to divest?

How well are Business Capabilities supported by applications?

Who is using Applications where: Do we have support gaps? Do we have redundancies?

Who is providing the Application: Is this an effective setup?

How does the Application portfolio evolve over time? Is this in line with our strategic business priorities?

Dragon1 Application Portfolio Management Roadmap

How can I see and edit my imported and manually entered data?

Dragon1 Architecture Repository Create Link

How can I generate or draw an ArchiMate diagram using my data?

Dragon1 Visual Designer Archimate Diagram

Application Landscape

Here is a step by step example of how to create an application landscape that can be used for application portfolio management.