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Last updates: May 21, 2018

In June 2018 we are releasing Dragon1 v5.2.1 Below you see the dates per when an application is released with new features, functionality and work scenarios as is documented on the help pages.

Dragon1 v5.2.1 Release Calendar

June 2018

3 & 12 June : Architecture Repository

4 & 13 June : Visual Designer

5 & 14 June : Viewer & Search

6 & 15 June : Assets Catalog

7 & 16 June : Collaboration

8 & 17 June : Workplace

9 & 18 June : Business Analyzer & Management Dashboard

10 & 19 June : Import & Settings

11 & 20 June : Resource Center

Note: This schedule may change without prior notice.

Participate in Improving Dragon1 v5

After a release date there is a period of four days in which one can provide us feedback focused on issues in relation to documented features, functionality and work scenarios (see help pages for features, functionality and work scenarios). If issues are provided to us 5 days before the release date, we can still process the issue for that release date.

What you need to do if you have an issue, is to send us an email (servicedesk@dragon1.com) with a screenshot and description of the issue and a link to the relevant help page.

You can also request a user acceptance test form, which is a document with scenarios to guide you to test Dragon1 and to provide structured feedback. Send your request to service@dragon1.com.

Of course, we are always open to new ideas for features, functionality and work scenarios and you can provide them to us. But we will not guarantee that they will be realized in the next release or version of Dragon1.

Release History

Read the release history of Dragon1 v5 here.