Building Digital Models and Visualizations

Learn to model on Dragon1

Dragon1 is a digital platform for business professionals to build modern business solutions on and to transform organizations into survivors of the digital revolution. This is what we call Enterprise 4.0 Transformation.

Dragon1 makes life easy!

Dragon1 makes your life as business professional very easy. You, as consultant, architect, analyst or manager, can do many things on Dragon1: You can execute and monitor projects, manage contacts and clients, work in teams together, build digital models and share models with others. Also you can profile yourself as thought leader by micro blogging and participating in forum discussions. Dragon1 will make you more productive, do work automated for you and save you a lot of time.

Are you an expert?

Now if you are experienced in creating digital models like process models, business models, enterprise blueprints and technology roadmaps, you probably only need to login and start creating and collaborating right away.

Are you a junior?

If you are unexperienced or junior, Dragon1 has a soft landing for you. If you create your free trial account, you will get a download link for a step-by-step-guide to learn to build dynamic process models and enterprise architecture models.

Step By Step Guide

Every day, you can check on a calendar what you need to do next. And just by following the steps you will created a process model and enterprise architecture blueprint in no time.

Also you will have setup your profile, created a channel and published your two digital models in your channel.

This step by step guide will walk you through all the important features and modules that are part of Dragon1.

You can even get a daily notification by email what to do next.

Upgrade Your Account Afterwards

If you like Dragon1, you can upgrade your account any time into a paid account. Next you can drill-down your process model through a process hierarchy and make your enterprise architecture blueprint click through, add popup dialogs and comments.

Upgrading has many benefits, such as email and phone support.

But first, create a free trial account, login and start learning and trying.

Experience how the Dragon1 Platform saves you time and guides you in your work.