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    Business Diagrams

    Business Diagram Creation & Sharing on Dragon1

    Introduction of Business Diagramming as application area

    Create and share on static, dynamic and interactive business diagrams on Dragon1. Reaching from block diagram, flow charts and mind maps up to interactive animated scenarios and storyboards.

    Once you have created a business diagram on Dragon1 you can publish it on Dragon1 and make it available for a select group in your team or publish it publicly for the whole world to see.

    Learn to create business diagrams

    Dragon1 makes an effort in supporting you to learn how to create business diagram. For every defined type of business diagram we provide a an eLearning / tutorial video for you.

    View and Monitor Business Diagrams

    On Dragon1 you can view business diagrams created by yourself and created by others. You can leave remarks and notes on business diagrams and look at the same business diagram via different configurable end-user views (if the author has enabled this for the business diagram).

    Overview of Diagram Types on Dragon1

    There are over 250 types of Diagrams to create on Dragon1. Click below a example diagram type of your choice and view it life on Dragon1.

    1. Business Diagrams
      1. Balanced Score Card
      2. Block Diagram
      3. Business Model Canvas
      4. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) Diagram
      5. Chemical Chart
      6. Circle Hub Spoke Diagram
      7. Compare & Contrast Diagram
      8. Concept Diagram
      9. Cycle Diagram
      10. Data Flow Diagram
      11. Database Diagram
      12. Entity Relationship Diagram
      13. Family Tree
      14. Fishbone / Ishikawa Diagram
      15. Flowchart
      16. Gantt Chart
      17. Infographics
      18. KWL Chart
      19. Logic Gate
      20. Mind Map
      21. Network Diagram
      22. Object Process Model
      23. Organizational Chart
      24. PERT Chart
      25. Site Map
      26. Spider Diagram
      27. Stakeholder Onion Diagram
      28. Story Board
      29. SWOT Diagram
      30. T Chart
      31. Technical (Concept) Drawing
      32. TQM - Total Quality Management
      33. UI Mockup
      34. Value Stream Mapping
      35. Venn Diagram
      36. Wire Frames
      37. Work Breakdown Structure
      38. Y Chart
    2. UML Diagrams
      1. Activity Diagram
      2. Class Diagram
      3. Collaboration Diagram
      4. Component Diagram
      5. Deployment Diagram
      6. Object Diagram
      7. Sequence Diagram
      8. State Chart Diagram
      9. Use Case Diagram
    3. Archimate Diagrams
      1. Dependency Viewpoint Diagram
    4. Dragon1 Diagrams
      1. Enterprise Motivation Diagram
      2. Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram
      3. Business Motivation Diagram
      4. Business Structure Diagram (Logical & Physical)
      5. Business Functions Diagram
      6. Business Domain Diagram
      7. Business Architecture Concepts Diagram
      8. Business Capabilities Diagram
      9. Business Systems Diagram
      10. Business Process Landscape Diagram
      11. Information Structure Diagram (Logical & Physical)
      12. Information Functions Diagram
      13. Information Domain Diagram
      14. Information Architecture Concepts Diagram
      15. Information Capabilities Diagram
      16. Information Systems Diagram
      17. Process/Application Landscape Diagram
      18. Software Application Landscape Diagram
      19. IT-Infrastructure Structure Diagram
      20. IT-Infrastructure Functions Diagram
      21. IT-Infrastructure Domain Diagram
      22. IT-Infrastructure Architecture Concepts Diagram
      23. IT-Infrastructure Capabilities Diagram
      24. IT-Infrastructure Systems Diagram
      25. Enterprise Structure Artist Impression (Functions/Form-map)
      26. Enterprise Meta Model Diagram
      27. Principle Details Diagram
      28. Concept Design Sketch
      29. Concept Storyboard
      30. Migration Scenario
      31. Enterprise Blueprint Diagram
      32. Roadmap Diagram
      33. S.P.I.N. Diagram (Software Re-engineering)
      34. Dragon1 Architecture View Layout
    5. Other Diagrams
      1. Floor Plans
      2. OIAm Diagrams

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