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Generate an Architecture Blueprint with Dashboard

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Do the Demo with a Data Visualization Template


  • STEP 1 Go to the treeview in the atlas above and click on the page name Enterprise Architecture Blueprint
  • After a few seconds you see a generated blueprint
  • STEP 2 Click on the grey dot (next to the Altas icon) and click on the button Dashboard
  • Now you see an empty dashboard with three DISCOVER buttons
  • STEP 3 Click on the Error button and Warnings button
  • Now you see items being colored red and orange
  • STEP 4 Do a mouse over on these items
  • Now you see what metadata or relatonships are found to be missing or wrongly administered
  • STEP 5 Click on the Data button and selected the correct tab of the data objects and update the data and click on the Data button again
  • Now you see the diagram updated and if you click on the DISCOVER buttons again you will see a change
  • STEP 6 Click on the Edit button
  • Now you see a shapes panel at the right
  • STEP 7 Drag a shape onto the canvas
  • STEP 8 Click on export to Excel
  • STEP 9 Open the excel sheet and check the data
  • STEP 10 Go to and convert the excel sheet into a .dragon1 File (JSON Structured)
  • STEP 11 You upload the .dragon1 File in the Viewer and check out the generated diagram with its dashboard and manage your transformation in your company using the diagram and the dashboard.

Architecture Blueprints are diagrams and dashboards of essential value. With Dragon1, users can generate a visualization using any repository or excel sheet. A visualization template is populated with the data imported. The visualization template can be edited by the user. Above, you see a dynamic example of a generated Architecture Blueprint in the Viewer.

The Dragon1 Viewer is an application that can be used on, but it can also be embedded on any website or be run locally on your laptop or server.

We have provided an Excel Sheet you can use to generate your own Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Blueprint template.

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