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Generate a Digital Twin Blueprint with Dashboard Demo

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You can also follow our free tutorial on generating or building an architecture blueprint from scratch. The tutorial will provide some videos to edit Architecture Blueprints and the dashboard in the Viewer (in edit mode).

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Business and Enterprise Architecture Blueprints are diagrams with dashboards of essential value. With the Dragon1 software, users can generate a visualization using any repository or Excel sheet. A visualization template is populated with the data imported. The visualization template can be edited by the user.

Dragon1 Demo

Above, you see a dynamic example of a generated Architecture Blueprint in the Viewer. Click on the red area to click through to the underlying processes and applications. The Dragon1 Viewer is an application that can be used on, but it can also be embedded on any website or be run locally on your laptop or server.

We have provided an Excel Sheet you can use to generate your own Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Blueprint template by doing the Dragon1 Demo steps.

digital twins enterprise architecture blueprint template demo

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Skip the Excel to JSON conversion step and directly upload your Excel sheet into the Viewer. Need a reliable repository for your data? Create a trial account!

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Do the Demo with a Data Visualization Template

Download Excel Sheet Upload Excel Sheet
Demo Steps

Click on the Demo Steps

  • Step 1 Download Excel Sheet Download the Excel Sheet here (or green button) containing the data used in this demo. Go to the Atlas tab and edit, for example, the name of the first visualization.
  • Step 2 Upload in the Viewer Upload the Excel Sheet here (or blue button) with your changes in the Viewer
  • Step 3 IT Infra Landscape Click on the IT Infrastructure Landscape in the treeview. Do a mouseover on the sensors of the two servers
  • Step 4 Show Live events Click on the Live button. Watch how an external shutdown event has an impact on a server
  • Step 5 Show Security Principles Click on the No Zero Trust view in the List of Views to check the Security Principle to Increase Robustness of the Landscape
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