Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram

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What is an Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram?

An Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram is a classification scheme of architectures (governance architecture, business architecture, information architecture, technical architecture, human capital architecture, security architecture, system architecture, software architecture, infrastructure architecture, etc.) and their important artifacts. An enterprise architecture framework can be used as background to report one or more type of artifacts, such as the concepts that make up the architectures.

Why this Example of an Enterprise Architecture Framework?

This example Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram was created for you in order to show how effective it is to create enterprise architecture frameworks on Dragon1.

On this page you read and see how powerful Dragon1 is with regards to modeling and visualizing an interactive enterprise architecture framework.

This example shows also how you can and should as Enterprise Architect report to your stakeholders the status of work in progress on EA compliant to an enterprise architecture definition.

From Architecture Diagram to Management Report view

The image above shows a management report view of an Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram. It is not a dull meaningless picture of an architecture model, but a decision supporting report view of the framework: red colors mean: take action now because the current situation is blocking realization of goals!

The second image below shows a concept view of the Enterprise Architecture Framework. It gives an answer to the question: What are the most important concepts our architectures within the framework consist of.

Dragon1, saves a lot of valuable time!

Now you immediately see why you as Enterprise Architect need an EA Tool. The enterprise architecture framework above has so many possible views, you do not want to create and update every report-view by hand when a manager asks for a new view for a new situation, aspect or period of time.

No, you just want the manager to present a clickable enterprise architecture framework and have him generate the views himself based on the information in the repository by setting some parameters like period of time.

Read more about how to create an Enterprise Architecture Framework.

Interactive Diagram Example

You can, for example, build your own enterprise architecture framework view by clicking away layers or filtering out certain information. Click on this interactive example of the enterprise architecture framework on this Watch page. This may give you ideas of how the framework diagram should look like and what you would like to use it for.

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Getting Started

We hope we have inspired you to create enterprise architecture frameworks.

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