Dragon1 is a collaboration platform for business and it professionals to create and manage products and projects, for example, the digital transformation of their company.

Platform for Working with Enterprise Architecture

Dragon1 is the repository-based SaaS platform for Working with Enterprise Architecture in the Boardroom, creating a strategic Line of Sight for stakeholders as a hands-on approach for company-wide transformation.

Pricing and Features of Editions

Pricing and Features of Editions. Dragon1 PRO, BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE and Templates. For designing, managing and monitoring strategy, architecture and transformation in an effective visual way.

Dragon1 PRO Edition

Dragon1 PRO Edition is the user license edition for IT contractors and consultants, creating enterprise architecture blueprints, roadmaps and landscapes. A Repository Tool for your trusted data.

Dragon1 BUSINESS Edition

Dragon1 BUSINESS Edition is the EA solution for small to medium enterprises or architecture teams to work together with all stakeholders.

Dragon1 ENTERPRISE Edition

Dragon1 ENTERPRISE is the edition for teams and organizations co-creating enterprise architecture, GRC, IT Portfolio Management, Business Process Analysis and Scenario Modeling on the Dragon1 platform.

Collaboration Platform for Enterprise Innovation

Collaboration Platform for Enterprise Innovation to create business diagrams, concept designs, BPM, Enterprise Architecture, Data Visualization & Analytics.

EA Tool Selection Guide

EA Tool Selection Guide, benefits and features. What edition of Dragon1 fits you best in creating visual products and working with enterprise architecture?

EA Software Tool for CIOs: What it is!

EA Software Tool for CIOs: What it is! - Reduce time spent on controlling IT complexity. Support how technology aligns to the execution of strategic plans.

Enterprise Architecture Tool Comparison

Enterprise Architecture Tool Comparison to select the tool that best fits the organization. Dragon1 addresses topics like Functionality, Modeling Standards, Architecture Frameworks, Service, Support.

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab How it Works. Dragon1 is a place for Business Professionals to collaborate online creating models and designs for new products and solutions.

Demo Request - Fill in the Form

Demo Request for Dragon1. Experience the benefits of visualizing your vison on digital transformation or your vision on new concepts and technologies.