Hub Spoke Diagram

Vector Graphic

An example Hub Spoke Diagram (Dandelion) in SVG & PNG, created on Dragon1.

hub spoke diagram

An image of a Hub Spoke Diagram.

Smart Hub Diagrams

Editing this hub diagram to another number of circles, shapes, and colors for the hubs and circles is easy. Just click an item on the diagram and right-click, select Add Circle or Change Color or Change Shape.

Dynamic Hub Spoke Diagrams

On the Dragon1 platform, you can enter data in the repository (database) and create a model with it. Next, link the model to a visualization template, like this spoke diagram template.

Then, every time the data in de model changes, automatically the Spoke Diagram Visualization changes.

This is how you create your own dynamic diagrams. Also, you can create and share your own diagram templates for this purpose.

Interactive Spoke Diagrams

You can also make a spoke diagram template clickable, showing popups with data from a model in the repository, or make it click-through to other diagrams or make dynamic views, and have data filtered using certain predefined or entered user/viewer values.

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