Dragon1 Open Standard - Principles

In every science or field of work there are principles used by professionals to design high-quality solutions.

Principles, because of their nature, can be reused in other fields of work, if they are made accessible and understandable.

The Dragon1 open standard for principles structures and reformulates key principles in various sciences and fields of work, to make them better reusable in other sciences and fields of work.

Principles are most important for architects to use when creating designs.


A principle is the enforced way a system works producing results.

An architecture of a structure is a total concept of a structure, consisting of a coherent set of constructive, operative, and decorative concepts.

A concept is a type of system, a conceptual system, a system abstracted from its implementation.

A system comprises collaborating entities working towards a common goal.

Types of Principles

Widely recognized types of principles are:

  • Healthcare Principles: Prima facie principles
  • Building architecture principles: originating De Architectura, by Marcus Vitruvius
  • Microprocessor Architecture Principles
  • Garden Architecture Principles
  • Psychological principles

Hospital Architecture Principles

Here is a set of Hospital Architecture Principles [PDF]

Architecting Solutions

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