Dragon1 Standard: Principles

Principles are most important for architects to use when creating designs.

A principle is the enforced way a system works producing results.

An architecture of a structure is a total concept of a structure, consisting of a coherent set of constructive, operative and decorative concepts.

A concept is a type of system, a conceptual system, a systems abstracted from its implementation.

A system consists of collaborating entities working towards a common goal.

In Dragon1 the following type of principles have been defined:

  • Architecture Principles - Principles of concepts that are made part of architecture
  • Design Principles - Principles of design concepts for a higher quality design
  • Enterprise Principles
  • Governance Principles
  • Business Principles
  • Information Principles
  • Technology Principles
  • Security Principles


Interesting resource of principles (formulates as rules): https://principles.design