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Dragon1 is the SaaS platform for working with Enterprise Architecture as a consultant, contractor or architect in an organization.
Dragon1 PRO is the professional edition for 1 editor user, for 1 year, billed annually. Including all features, templates and tutorials.

Version and Platform

  • Dragon1 v7
  • dot NET platform (IIS and MS Sql Server)
  • Cloud Based Platform

Edition and Licenses

  • Dragon1 PRO Edition
  • 1 editor user
  • eLearning Training bought on this store can be used in this edition
  • To work with contributor users and viewer users, choose Dragon1 BUSINESS or Dragon1 ENTERPRISE

Features and Capabilities

  • Enter and Import JSON/XLS/XLSX/PPTX/VSDX/CSV/XML Data
  • Upload and Edit .dragon1 Files (JSON Structured Data)
  • Create and Generate Data Driven Using Templates
  • Create, Design and Edit (Meta) Models
  • Define and Generate Viewpoints, Views, Visualizations and Atlases
  • Compare, Match and Filter Views and Visualizations
  • Publish, Comments and Share Visualizations
  • Progress and Status reports with Dashboards
  • Create and Use Data Driven Templates
  • Role Based Access Control
  • No integration features (choose instead BUSINESS or ENTERPRISE edition)
  • Included: Servicedesk support (Bronze service level)
  • Optional: 100 Days Getting Started plan
  • Optional: Local support from Consultancy or Training Experts

Frameworks and Standards

  • Import formats: .XLS, .XLSX, .JSON, .XML, .CSV, .VSDX, .PPTX
  • Export formats: .XLSX, .PPTX, .DOCX, .RTF, .XML, .CSV, .VSDX, .PNG, .PDF
  • Modeling Languages: UML, ArchiMate, BPMN, Dragon1
  • Frameworks: Agile, LEAN, TOGAF, FEAF, DoDAF, MODaf

Dragon1 PRO is the best option for a consultant, contractor or architect to create more effective architecture visualizations to guide transformation, innovation and projects