eLearning Training with EA Certification

Enterprise Architecture Training and Certification

On this page, we present the most popular enterprise architecture training courses :

training course ea tool

EA Software Basic User Training and Certification

3-day Training Course and Tool certification. Learn class-based how to use Dragon1 as EA Tool, BPM Tool, ArchiMate Tool, etc. in an effective way. Create, analyze and report with visual enterprise products.

enterprise architecture masterclass

Masterclass Enterprise Architecture and Certification

6-day Training Course and level 3 certification for starters with some knowledge of TOGAF or ArchiMate. This masterclass comprises the Dragon1 Foundation, Practitioner and Professional courses.

training course foundation

Foundation, level 1 Training & Certification

2-day Training Course and level 1 certification. Learn the basics of the EA Method in the Foundation Training and get a level 1 certification. Create an EA baseline and have your own architecture portfolio.

training course practitioner

Practitioner, level 2 Training & Certification

2-day Training Course and level 2 certification. Learn advanced techniques of the EA Method in the Dragon1 Certified Training and get a level 2 certification. Create an EA Blueprint.

training course professional

Professional, level 3 Training & Certification

2-day Training Course and level 3 certification. Learn expert skills of the EA Method in the Dragon1 Certified Training and get a level 3 certification. Create a full scale Visual Enterprise Architecture.

training course ea bridge

EA Bridge, level 3 Training & Certification

5-day Training Course for experienced architects in working with enterprise architecture (fi. TOGAF or ArchiMate). This training course brings you to level 3, with focus on practice instead of theory.

training course mini conference

Dragon1 Mini Conference

Visual Enterprise Management Reports for decision-making? If you want to hear and learn the business value of Dragon1 in an all-inclusive mini conference, this 3 day conference is best for you.

training course getting started

Dragon1 Self Start

Do you want to learn to create & share diagrams on Dragon1 in a 1 day self-paced training & have results the next day?

training course elearingn

Dragon1 eLearning

Dragon1 eLearning makes it easy for you to start learning how to do Enterprise Architecture.

Dragon1 Open EA Method Training & Certification

Do you want to learn to create a conceptual blueprint or roadmap for the strategy of your organization with Enterprise Architecture? Just follow the Self-paced, eLearning or Classroom enterprise architecture training courses in the software.

It is also possible to follow a classroom training course in Dragon1 open EA Method which leads to Level 1 certification (Foundation), Level 2 certification (Practitioner) and Level 3 certification (Professional). Both for architects and non-architects.

For experienced architects, there are two formal certification tracks 1) Masterclass Visual Enterprise Architecture and 2) the Dragon1 EA Bridge.

For Executives, there is a 3-day mini-conference to hear all the ins and outs of the software and EA Method to be able to decide to work with Dragon1 at a strategic level.