Dragon1 Standard: Way of Thinking

Dragon1 Way of Thinking consists of a set of concepts.

These concepts explain how Dragon1 views the enterprise as a structure, sees enterprise architecture as a coherent set of concepts, sees principles as working mechanisms of concepts and sees design and visualization of innovations as a means of controlled change to enterprises.

The diagram below shows the most important concepts that are part of the way of thinking of the method.

dragon1 diagram way of thinking

The Way of Thinking of Dragon1 can be summarized with a set of claims:

  1. Every enterprise, organization, business or company can be viewed as a system or a structure (a system with 3 dimensions)
  2. Every structure, like an enterprise or organization, has an architecture
  3. Of every enterprise or organization its architecture can be expressed via expliciting the coherent set of concepts that are applied onto it.
  4. Every change within or around the enterprise or organization will have impact on concepts or will encounter resistance from concept.
  5. Every concept has a way of working, called the concept principle.
  6. Every principle of concept that is part of an architecture of an enterprise, is an architecture principle for that enterprise.
  7. A principle is only a principle if it is always true within a context. And therefor can predict behavior and series of events and can be tested.
  8. Every enterprise or organization requires humans to make it work. You cannot have an enterprise or organization without humans.