Resource Center Setup

The Resource Center is like an intranet where you and your team members can place all kinds of resources to share. Also, you can publish on the Resource Center pages the content you created for stakeholders to let them view, comment or mentor the visualizations, presentations, etc.

Basic Setup

The Resource Center can be setup for any use, but mainly the Resource Center is setup for working with architecture.

In that case you will creating the following pages per organization:

  • Strategy
    • Policies
    • Legislation
  • Business Model
  • Business Cases
  • Programs of Requirements
  • Landscapes and Blueprints
    • Process Landscapes
    • Application Landscapes
    • IT Infrastructure Landscape
  • Architecture Designs
  • Project Plans
  • Roadmaps

Strategy page

On the strategy page you will place download links to the strategic documents that are input for you and also policy and legislations documents.

You can upload documents to your site's folders and use this to publish on your intranet.

As an architect you are not the one creating strategy, but modeling the strategy in a strategy map and giving feedback on the strategy.

So on this page, you will publish the strategy map you create on Dragon1.

Also you may want to create a governance model or reporting system model of the organization.

Policy and legislation pages often are subpages of the strategy.

Use the strategy page template to create a basic setup for this page.

Business Model

Any architect needs to create a business model of the organization, else you do not know where the strategy impact the business model.

On the Business Model page, you publish one or more business models of the organization you create architectures for.

Use the business model page template to create a basic setup for this page.