Popup Dialog Annotation Text and Picture

You can create an annotation text with pictures showing in a popup dialog on mouseover on a shape.

To create an Annotation

To create an annotation do the following:

  • Open a visualization in the Visual Designer
  • Check the Mode is Edit Mode
  • Select a shape in the visualization
  • Fill in the Description in the Text Attributes of the Inspector Panel
  • Provide an Image URL in the Text Attributes of the Inspector
  • Save the picture
  • Switch to NORMAL Mode
  • Do a mouse over on your shape.
  • You will see a popup dialog appear
  • If you press SHIFT, you can go with your mouse over the dialog box and click a link if any.
dragon1 annotation text

Creating Annotation Text.

At the right-hand side you see an Image URL filled in for the selected shape. Remember also to fill in a description attribute for the selected shape. You see mode is now Edit Mode.

dragon1 annotation text popup

Fill in the Annotation Text Popup.

Here you see the Visual Designer in normal mode. On mouseover, if any, a popup dialog with Annotation text and the picture is generated.

Upload Pictures

If you want to upload pictures to Dragon1 and use that one in your diagram, you need to go the Resource Center upload tools.

dragon1 upload tool

Using the Upload tool in the Resource Center.

Here you see pictures uploaded in the sites (sub)folder of the user account. These pictures you can use, via an Image URL, on your diagram.

If you have an image for the shape, you need to use the Source URL. If you want the image to be used in the dialog, use the Image URL.