Essential Architecture Products

According to Dragon1, the open EA Method, there are several essential products architects need to create anytime, anywhere. Stakeholders will expect that these products are there before they ask for them.

The products are grouped in seven architectures from the generic Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram of Dragon1.

Why read this page?

If you are aiming to increase capabilities, save costs, guide transformation and project in a certain domain or area, just by creating these architecture products alone will make the organization benefit.

In Dragon1, an architecture is defined as a total concept for a structure. So for instance the technical architecture or technology architecture is the total concept of the IT-Infrastructure of an organization.

The essential architecture products are:

Enterprise Architecture

  • Enterprise Architecture Dossier
  • Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram
  • Enterprise Architecture Glossary of Terms
  • Enterprise Architecture Product / Content Model
  • Enterprise Architecture Meta Model
  • Enterprise Architecture ERA Model
  • Enterprise Strategy Map
  • Stakeholder Onion Model
  • Enterprise Architecture Blueprint
  • Enterprise Architecture Landscape
  • Enterprise Roadmap
  • Enterprise Architecture Design Book
  • Enterprise Architectural Plan - Plateau Planning (AS-IS, Plateau 1, TO-BE)

Governance Architecture

  • Governance Architecture Blueprint
  • Governance Architecture Landscape
  • Governance Roadmap
  • Governance Architecture Design Book
  • Governance Architectural Plan

Business Architecture

  • Business Architecture Blueprint
  • Business Architecture Landscape
  • Process Application Landscape
  • Business Roadmap
  • Business Architecture Design Book
  • Business Architectural Plan

Information (Systems) Architecture

  • Information Architecture Blueprint
  • Information (Systems) Architecture Landscape
  • Application Landscape
  • Application Landscape Views
  • Information Systems Roadmap
  • Information Architecture Design Book
  • Information Architectural Plan

Technology Architecture

  • Technology Architecture Blueprint
  • Technology Architecture Landscape
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Technology Architecture Design Book
  • Technology Architectural Plan

Security Architecture

  • Security Architecture Blueprint
  • Security Architecture Landscape
  • Security Roadmap
  • Security Architecture Design Book
  • Security Architectural Plan

Solution Architecture

  • Solution Architecture Blueprint
  • Solution Architecture Landscape
  • Solution Roadmap
  • Solution Architecture Design Book
  • Solution Architectural Plan

Ideal Enterprise Architecture Framework

dragon1 recognition relationships of the architectures

This diagram shows the recognition and relationships of the architectures.