Dragon1 Process Modeling

Dragon1 enables process modeling in its way focused on the understandability and communicability of the diagram.

Dragon1 provides you with a metamodel, modeling rules, process symbols, reference models and reference views for process modeling.

An Example of A Process Model

dragon1 process modeling

Screenshot of the Visual Designer with the complaints process model opened.

You immediately see the typical Dragon1 symbols for understandable process model views: large icons of roles and facilities.

Create a Process Model from Scratch

  • Make sure you have created a valid account to login
  • Go to your Digital Workplace
  • Startup the Visual Designer
  • Open or Create a Cabinet and a Dossier
  • Open or Create a Folder
  • Insert a Visualization Canvas into the folder
  • Click on the Smiley Icon to expand the Dragon1 Process Modeling Icons (on the right in screenshot)
  • Drag Dragon1 Symbols from the icons panel on to canvas to create a Process Diagram
  • Save and Publish your diagram to be viewed and commented by stakeholders.