How to configure the Visual Items

How to get repeatable processes on your visualization?

On Dragon1 you cat set values in the Visual Item to link a shape to a number of selected data items from the view or the model that is connected to the visualization the Visual Item is on.

If the shape you select has a directive like #descr# or #name#, that directive is used a first in line to get and show values from attributes of the visual item itself.

If one visual item addresses more than one type of entityclass use only the attribute name like #name#, or else you can prefix it with the class name like

If the visual items has a name or a title with a directive like #descr#, #name# or, this directive is used a second in line to get and show values from attributes.

On the behaviour tab there are three fields to set for build in function:
Rule Event: Available functions are onclick, onpageload and onmouseover (in the future this will be a dropdownlist)
Rule Condition: none or a basic sqlquery like class='Process' and type ='Business Process' and name = '%sales%'
Rule Action: Available functions are showpopup('basicinformation'), fillshape('red'); , strokeshape('blue');

On the behaviour tab you can set the number of rows and columns and horiztional and vertical interval and the draw pattern that should be used for the drawing the shapes on the visualization. The X, Y of the Visual Item if the X,Y of the generated block text.