Create a Simple View

On Dragon1, you can filter models making use of views.

Creating a View

To create a view:

  • Go to the Visual Designer
  • Make sure you have created a model, for example, existing out of processes and applications.
  • Select a folder
  • Click on 'Insert View' in the Menu Bar
  • Enter a name for the View
  • Click on OK
  • Select the view in the folder
  • Click on Edit Data in the Inspector bar at the right
  • Enter the attributes as is shown in the screenshot
  • Click OK

Now you see the view being generated.

If the data in the repository changes, you view will also change.

For views there are many different settings and options. Read them all on this page Working with Views

Example Screenshots

Screenshot showing the data for the model in the repository.

Screenshot showing a model.

Screenshot showing a model, where a shape has been linked to the Class Process. This shape has become a Process.

Screenshot showing the view that looks for the Class name to filter things on.

Screenshot showing how to set up a view to filter out all non-Applications.

Screenshot showing the view that filters out everything that is not referenced as Business Application.