Naming Conventions

Giving names to entities in models and diagrams is one of the difficult things. Using a consistent naming scheme in your team or throughout the organization is even harder or maybe sometimes impossible.

In order to prevent duplicate items, sometimes with a slight difference or a mistake because of ambiguity, it is wise to create a naming convention.

Dragon1 promotes the following naming convention:

  • If you want to name an entity class in your model or diagram, use one term: like Process or Service
  • If you want to name an entity type, use a single dot prefix: Business.Process
  • If you want to name an entity instance, use a double dot prefix: Amsterdam Sales.Business.Process
  • If you give the process or processes a name agree on the number of parts of which it consists and how you use verbs, nouns and adjectives. Dragon1 promotes this setting:
    • Provisioning service online ==> Online Service Provisioning
    • Selling Goods Business to Business ==> B2B Sales
    • Delivering Primary Care ==> Primary Care Delivery
    • Selling Drugs to Patients ==> Patient Drug Sales
  • If you want to name a software application in a model or diagram be sure what type of entity you are giving a name and what type of name you are giving it. Applications can have an instance name: technical, functional or internal and a type name and a class name.
    • Entity Class Name: Is it an Information System? Application? Module? Software?
    • Type Name: CRM Information System, CRM Application Suite
    • Instance Name: mscrmdynamics.exe or USA-East Sales Force or Insurance Customers Database