Import Data

On Dragon1 you can import data from any type of file. Most common, users import MS Excel files by saving them first as .csv and next import them as .csv on Dragon1.

How to Import Data

To import data:

Upload File

  • Login first
  • Go to
  • Click on Upload File in the Left menu. The Upload screen appears.
  • Select the correct file parameters and next select a file that is locally on your computer.
  • Note: Verify if your import file has data headers. If not select the correct option for that.
  • Sometimes you have to wait a minute for the browser to react after clicking on the file upload button. And click OK.
  • Now your file is uploaded to your sites/upload folder.

Match Fields

  • Click on Match Fields
  • Select the correct file and Entityclass and press Refresh.
  • Now you see which headers are recognized in the import file and how well Dragon1 can match these fields on internal known field for the selected Entityclass.
  • If you have created User Defined Fields (UDF), Dragon1 will also match them. These fields can be distinguished from the other fields with (UDF).

Load Data

  • Click on Load Data
  • Select the correct Cabinet, Dossier and Folder, you want the data to land in.
  • Click on the Start Data Import button.
  • After the import in the progress window below the button shows how many items successfully could be imported and how many items could not be imported.
  • Finally, go to the folder and check if the data has been imported correctly.

Example Screenshots

This is a screenshot of how an import file could look like. See that every column has a header.

This is a screenshot of the start page in the import module.

This is a screenshot of the Upload File screen.

This is a screenshot of the Match Fields screen.

This is a screenshot of the Start Data Import screen.