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    Solution Architecture Framework eHealth

    Create animated Solution Architecture Frameworks with Dragon1 PRO

    This is an example Solution Architecture Framework eHealth created on Dragon1. Dragon1 is a collaboration platform, on which you as Business Professional can learn, create, share and control interactive content.

    What is a Solution Architecture Framework?

    A solution architecture framework shows the architectures (groups of concepts and other parts like patterns, principles and building blocks) that together form a framework for a type of solution. In this case, the solution is eHealth as a total concept. The image is in Dutch and it was created for a Dutch hospital.

    Why was this Architecture Framework created?

    This framework was created to give the steering group of a strategic program a management instrument to direct and give focus to projects.

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    Getting Started

    We hope we have inspired you to start creating Solution Architecture Frameworks.

    You can just start by signing up for a Trial Account and create solution architecture frameworks by yourself in a specialized tool, such as Dragon1 as Enterprise Architecture Tool.