Solution Architecture Framework e-Health

What is a Solution Architecture Framework?

A solution architecture framework shows the architectures (groups of concepts and other parts like patterns, principles, and building blocks) that together form a framework for a type of solution.

In this case, the solution is e-Health as a total concept. It was created for a Dutch hospital.

solution architecture framework e-health

This is an example of a Solution Architecture Framework e-Health (Dutch).

Why was this Architecture Framework created?

This framework was created to give the steering group of a strategic program a management instrument to direct and give focus to projects.

The solution architecture framework provides a lot of information about which concepts are added to the organization for each architecture.

By now making a match of the concepts in the solution framework with the concepts in the enterprise architecture framework, the impact analysis is already on the drawing board. Here, certain issues can be prevented and resolved at an early stage.

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