Customer Journey

Use the Dragon1 platform to create any compelling Customer Journey Map, with a great template. Design new processes or user experiences (UX).

In short, a customer journey map is a diagram of the users perspective on customer service delivery business processes.

Dragon1 has a lot of experience in facilitating customer journeys for many user organizations. That is why we can provide you with high-quality templates.

In the Digital Workplace, we provide you with a template on how to create customer journey maps for your organization.

One of the main benefits on creating customer journey maps is that the data is in a repository and you can keep many maps consistent with each other even if there are a lot of changes.

Also, you can generate customer journey maps using your business process descriptions or BPMN diagrams. Just import the data and view or generate the customer journey map.

If you want to generate a customer journey map, just go here to the Demo Generating a Customer Journey Map and start exploring.

customer journey

More Information

Do you want to know more about Customer Journey maps?

Dragon1 also provides the option of storing Customer Journeys as ArchiMate diagrams. For more information on this topic, please contact us via