Customer Journey Mapping Template

Use the Dragon1 platform to create any compelling Customer Journey, with a great template. Designing and mapping new processes, services, or user experiences (UX).

In short, a customer journey is a diagram of the users' perspective on customer service delivery business processes. Originally, a customer journey was also referred to as a service blueprint.

Customer Journey Map Template.

In the Digital Workplace, we provide you with a template on how to create customer journey maps for your organization.

One of the main benefits of mapping customer journeys is that the data is in a repository and you can keep many maps consistent with each other even if there are a lot of changes.

Also, you can generate customer journey maps using your business process descriptions or BPMN diagrams. Just import the data and view or generate the customer journey map.

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Dragon1 also provides the option of storing Customer Journeys as ArchiMate diagrams. For more information on this topic, please contact us via

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