Dragon1 PRO Edition

The 1, 2 or 3 user edition of the Dragon1 SaaS platform for Enterprise Architecture

  • Boost the digital transformation and technology innovation in your company with EA
  • Document architecture, applications, processes and their relationships
  • High Productivity because of many available templates
  • Create diagrams, blueprints, roadmaps, landscapes with Dragon1 PRO
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An Advanced EA Tool, BPMN Tool and PM Tool

Dragon1 PRO is the edition of the Dragon1 SaaS Platform for Enterprise Architecture (creating products for your owner/client and stakeholders) that is fit for purpose for a freelancer, contractor or consultant to be used as EA Tool, Process Modeling Tool and/or Project Management Tool. Dragon1 has its own repository and supports using languages such as UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, TOGAF.

You create holistic, interactive and click through visualizations of concept design, innovation, business modeling, IT management, enterprise architecture, project management, etc.

The PRO Edition of Dragon1 has its Architecture Repository, so all your architecture data is importable, storable and manageable in 1 database. If a change occurs in the data that change is immediately processed in your created products (unless you set a rule not to do this or want to evaluate each change separately).

Dragon1 supports working with data entities that are marked Single Source of Truth. Only one version of that data entity can then occur and be reused in your repository.

Create and Share Architecture Diagrams

dragon1 application landscape with views

dragon1 application landscape with views

dragon1 moderation chatbot

Dragon1 foremost is Enterprise Architecture software. Fit for purpose for designing, creating and generating models, views and visualizations of concepts, principles, building blocks that help support decision-making and guide projects.

You as an Architect, Process Designer, Project Manager and Business Analyst can do a lot of things on the Dragon1 platform. Most often Dragon1 is used for:

  1. Concept Design
  2. Enterprise Architecture
  3. Business (Process) Modeling
  4. Innovation
  5. Project Management
  6. IT Asset Management

The suite of web applications of Dragon1 PRO support you in doing these activities. The key features of the applications enable you to create the key products you need in your work. A lot of example content is available to make it easy to make start.

The most important web applications, part of Dragon1 PRO are:

The key features of these applications can be listed in seven activities:

  • DATA - Entering or import data and enriching data
  • MODELS - Creating Models and Meta Models from your data (by creating relationships between data)
  • VIEWS - Creating Views on top of your models (filtering/hiding model data from the viewer)
  • VISUALIZATIONS - Graphically appealing representing the views of the models
  • ARCHITECTURE DOSSIER - Creating architecture documents (like visualizations) to provide to and share with stakeholders and projects
  • ARCHITECTURE CENTER - Publish the document and visualizations in an accessible way on your intranet to the stakeholders and projects.
  • ATLAS - Providing a coherent set of visualizations with various views to stakeholders

Key Features in Detail

If you want to compare all features of the different editions, read the Editions overview page. Per Dragon1 Application, the key features for every web application has been listed.

Architecture Visualization Templates

dragon1 architecture visualization templates

On Dragon1 PRO we have a set of templates so you can quickly generate visualizations with high quality. You can enter data manually or import your Excel or Visio data, create a model and views and link it to the template.

The most used templates on Dragon1 PRO are: Application Landscape, Process Landscape, Business Capability Landscape, Enterprise Architecture Framework. And we have many more templates waiting for you.

On Dragon1 we have made it easy for you create multiple views per models and link the views to clickable buttons on visualizations. Read about our special PRO feature: dynamic views, to get even more out of your templates.

Architecture Views Tutorials

To make it easy for you to create architecture visualizations, we provide several tutorials, like this detailed one on creating an application landscape with views.

Key Benefits

Why should you want to work with an online EA Tool, BPMN Tool or PM Tool like Dragon1?

First of all: Dragon1 beats working with Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and freeware modeling tools, as they are not meant to support working with architecture. They do not increase your productivity or guide you in creating stakeholder oriented views of the architecture with high-quality data.

Dragon1 has everything a business professional needs and wants in an online business platform: Visio & Excel import, templates, tutorials, examples and checklists. All these ingredients make you much more productive.

The database repository makes sure your data is of higher quality and you reuse data more often. The fact that Dragon1 is online will increase your sustainability and the fact that you can visualize architecture in a context of strategy and transition enables you to control risks more. And because we have added gamification, Dragon1 is also more easy to use than other tools. So you have every reason to choose Dragon1 as your EA Tool, BPMN Tool or PM Tool!

  • Increase operational result by reducing process dependencies using overviews.
  • Increase customer experience by implementing strategic changes successfully using road maps.
  • Expand to new markets by successfully introducing a new product using integral solution designs.
  • Manage projects risks better because their all made visual using landscape maps.
  • Be more productive: work anytime, anyplace, anywhere using an online platform.

By creating architecture diagrams with high-quality data, your management is provided with visuals that lead to making better decisions on financial management, strategic management, investment management and more.

Dragon1 Applications

Dragon1 consists of several web applications. These Dragon1 Applications are to model and share holistic, static or dynamic and interactive / click through products like interactive views of diagrams, landscapes, blueprints and roadmaps.

Dragon1 provides a Task Manager in the Digital Workplace enabling workflow and efficient collaboration online with.

In Dragon1 PRO the following web applications are at your disposal:

Digital Workplace

Collaborate online, see your To-Do list, tasks, progress and work created. With visually and effectively together using a Kanban Board and Team Builder.

dragon1 digital workplace

Architecture Repository

Create a single source of truth for your architecture data. Import and export data. Build up an Enterprise Architecture dossier. Create, enter and reuse data entities, relationships and models.

Architecture Repository

Visual Designer

Create architecture diagrams, concepts and principles diagrams, ArchiMate views and viewpoints and BPMN models.

dragon1 visual designer

Visual Designer

Create template visualizations to generate landscapes and blueprints with.

dragon1 visual designer

Architecture Center

Share visualizations with stakeholders and design visualizations for the projects.

dragon1 architecture center

Key Products

Dragon1 PRO is used to model and share interactive Visualizations such as Business Diagrams.

Below are some visual examples of products created using the Dragon1 PRO.

dragon1 enterprise architecture framework
Interactive Diagram Enterprise Architecture Framework

Starting point for creating architecture visualizations.

dragon1 Process Application
Interactive Diagram Process Application Landscape Diagram

See the impact of applications on the processes.

dragon1 loves archimate

Interactive ArchiMate Diagrams

A Dragon1 Atlas with a set of published ArchiMate Diagrams.

dragon1 loves BPMN
Dragon1 Loves BPMN

A set of interactive process models compliant to the BPMN standard.

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