Business IT Services Technology Roadmap

What is a Technology Roadmap?

A Business or IT Technology Roadmap is a standard architecture product best created in the form of a static or dynamic A0-sized architecture visualization used by CxOs and IT Management.

With this roadmap, the management will have an overview for themselves and for the business of when and what new technology will be introduced in the organization.

business IT services technology roadmap

With this roadmap of business it services you as IT manager can gain more control over the agenda of innovation and renewal of IT in your organization.

A business or IT roadmap template for new technology or web services makes it easy to communicate timelines and manage expectations. It will prevent the business from buying ad-hoc solutions and tools and introducing unwanted and costly solutions, tools and technology.

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How is this Technology Roadmap template build up?

This technology roadmap template relates different types of information together, compliant to the Dragon1 EA & Performance Framework: 1) Strategy (Left and Bottom sections), 2) Architecture (Middle section and Right sections) and 3) Business Changes (Middle Bottom section).

In the upper middle of the business roadmap template (as part of the architecture information) a series of departments is visualized with a meaningful photo. This is done so the department heads that visit the IT manager and see the roadmap on the wall, immediately see they are recognized as a stakeholder to provide requirements.

The Added Value of creating a Technology Roadmap

Addressing Business Outcome Related Benefits

Making a Business or IT Roadmap is only sensible if it has a number of direct benefits for the business. Four benefits of creating a technology roadmap have direct impact on certain business outcomes. These are:

IT BenefitsBusiness Outcomes
Giving an overview of the upcoming changes in ITIncrease the ability for the business to prioritize
Communicating the plan of change transparent to the stakeholder reducing misunderstandingsIncreasing Business Continuity, lowering the risk of interruption
Reporting when exactly standardization takes place, thus reducing cost of ITMore in Control of Finance
Reporting exactly when new IT features are available for the employees and clientsIncrease the ability for the business to market new products and services

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    Getting Started

    We hope, we have inspired you to start creating Business IT technology roadmaps.

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