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You may have heard about the Dragon 1 open Enterprise Architecture method or you may have seen interactive visualizations created on the Dragon 1 Platform and now you want to know what exactly Dragon 1 is.

If you cannot wait any longer, buy your user license here and start creating interactive visuals. Or else read more on this page about Dragon1.

What is Dragon 1?

Dragon 1 is...


A digital modeling, presentation, diagramming and collaboration software platform for Business Professionals, Consultants and Students.

With models, diagrams, maps, visualizations and presentations created or uploaded here, you can reduce costs, mitigate risks and increase productivity of your company. And you can promote yourself as Business Professional online with your ePortfolio.


Turn your company into a DIGITAL ENTERPRISE.

You can innovate your company and manage projects successfully with the holistic and integral visualizations you create here. All your big data is reusable and stored in 1 database (single source of truth).


Visualize your goals and KPIs.

Use it as a solution and method in many fields like Decision Management, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Risk, Governance & Compliance, IT Portfolio Management, Business Process Analysis and Scenario Modeling.


You can use the following tools on the platform: EA, BPM, PM, GRC, BPA, ITPM, Scenario Modeling (using languages and frameworks such as UML, BPMN, Archimate, TOGAF).


The knowledge-intensive visual content that you publish in the channels on the watch pages, you can spread digitally and internally in your organization or share it externally online with the world or in your network.

Dragon 1 Visual Designer

Visual Designer web application

Dragon 1 EA Tool Channel

Dragon 1 EA Tool Channel with demo videos

Two Editions

Dragon 1 is offered to you in two editions.

Finding the Perfect Product

Dragon1 PRO

A suite of specialized tools: EA Tool, BPM Tool, PM Tool with a Repository Tool (and using languages such as UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, TOGAF) for Architects and Managers.


An Expert GRC Tool, ITPM Tool, BPA Tool and Scenario Modeling Tool for Architects and Managers.

Your personal Innovation Lab

Dragon 1 is an Innovation Lab for Business Professionals, Consultants and Students, that helps you innovate your organization and manage your projects successfully. Dragon1 makes it easy to try out different versions of a solution, design or prototype, as individual or in teams.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Dragon 1 as online software is constructed as an Enterprise Collaboration Platform. Dragon1 in this way sheds a new light on Enterprise Software. The software is online SaaS software and is accessed via this website.

Common Projects done in collaboration here are Business Modeling, Strategy Development, Business Architecture, Technical / IT Architecture, Information Architecture, Innovation, Business Process Modeling, Application Management, Concept Design and IT Portfolio Management, Cost Optimization


Dragon 1 is a set of web applications. We show you here the most important ones.

The Digital Workplace web application provides you with modules like document creation, messaging, creating content links, application links, client contacts, projects and tasks. Everything for your basic office tasks.

The Architecture Repository is the web application to fill and manage your data in a database/repository. The benefits of that are the quality of the data you use in your model with increase significantly because the data is managed (source, status, ownership and validation).

The Visual Designer is the web application to model, design and visualize models, view and visualization, (re)using the data you stored in the repository.

User Profile and Company Profile

You can publish your work (ePortfolio) in your own user profile or on the homepage in the corresponding channels. By showing what knowledge you have and which products you have created in previous jobs, it can assist you in finding a new job or assignment.

Dragon 1 is now also used in China

Dragon 1 is now also used in China. We are grateful to see we have the trust of Fujian Normal University to use Dragon 1 at the Systems Engineering faculty.

The students are using a unique software development method, created by professor Tzeng, for their software project.

On Dragon 1 they create enterprise architecture diagrams, so the software they design and build will support the work and processes in the organization optimally. And the software will integrate with other applications optimally.

Not only the software is used, also the method. The Dragon 1 open EA Method is a complete method with a way of working, a way of thinking, a way of representing and a way of supporting. It holds a revolutionary vision on what is architecture, what are principles and how to use enterprise architecture as a bridge between strategy and transformation. Using the Dragon 1 open EA method correctly will lead to control and managing the progress and risk of a complex transformation program successfully. This is a unique opportunity for the students in China to learn. They are the first to hear about Dragon 1.

If you want more information about this customer case you can contact us anytime via phone or email.