Intelligent Chatbot (AI) Application

Intelligent Chatbot is one of the Dragon1 Applications

Dragon1 is an intelligent Chatbot containing Artificial Intelligence. It supports stakeholders and projects in finding and getting access to the latest insights and overviews presented in enterprise architecture data.

The questions and answers are in natural language and models shown are generated in real-time. And all this directly without the intervention of an architect.

Many architects, analysts and engineers create great insights and overviews, but they do not seem to reach the projects and stakeholders with these insights and overviews. Here the chatbot is of great help.

How Does AI Work on Dragon1?

At various places on the Dragon1 platform, like in the Service Portal, the Search Engine and the Architecture Center, users can type in questions in natural language (as of January 2019 only the english language is available. Later this year other languages will follow).

dragon1 intelligent chatbot ai
Example answer of the Dragon1 Intelligent Chatbot (AI)

At conceptual level, the Dragon1 AI Chatbot works with three modules:

Module 1: NATURAL LANGUAGE UNDERSTANDING (NLU) - The Dragon1 bot will understand your natural language questions, by parsing it using a context of enterprise architecture and your account data and turning it into a query model.

Module 2: DECISION ENGINE (AND MACHINE LEARNING): Next a decision engine will run the query model over a number of external services and data sources (like other systems in your company).

The decision engine evaluates previous answers to similar questions and tries to provide the best answer for your questions (Machine Learning).

Module 3: NATURAL LANGUAGE GENERATION (NLG) - Finally the selected answer is turned into natural language.

In order to help the chatbot in getting more effective answers, below you find an overview of the questions you can ask and the type of answers you get.

Speech to Text

Dragon1 also supports speech to text, so you can ask a question to Dragon1 and the bot will answer you back in natural language.

This is of great help to people who are for instance visually impaired.

The Natural Language Example

You only know what you know! The Dragon1 Saas platform has the context of enterprise architecture (methods, languages and your EA data). So all questions are answered by the chatobt from within this context.

Questions outside of this context can also be answered, but that would require external services of data sources that are focussed on a different context.

Here follow a few examples of questions that can be answered by the Dragon1 bot:

1. What Questions

Example template: What is (a/an) % ?
Example template: What is (the) % of % ?
Example template: What is the relationship between % and % ?
Example template: What does % mean ?
Example template: What % are (not) (most commonly) used by % ?

  • What is a business actor ?
  • What is the importance of strategy ?
  • What does actor mean?
  • What is a chatbot ?
  • What is solution ABC in our company ?
  • What is the principle single source of truth ?
  • What is the name of the CEO of company IBM ?
  • What is the name of the HR Manager of our organization ?
  • What is the difference between process ABC and process DEF ?

2. Which Questions

Example template: Which % are [used/provided/triggered/updated/changed] by % ?

  • Which services are provided by application MyCRM ?
  • Which standards are (not) used by solution ABC ?
  • Which applications are there in our company ?
  • Which solutions are (not) compliant to policy standards ?
  • Which processes are (not) supported by integrated/monolithic/open/3-tier applications ?
  • Which projects are (not) resourced with the required skills ?

3. Who Questions

Example template: Who is %
Example template: Who are %

  • Who is John Zachman ?
  • Who is the owner of business process Sales ?
  • Who is responsible for software development in company ABC ?

4. How Questions

Example template: How many % are there (without) having a %
Example template: How % are %
Example template: How much % do we [have/do/create] / does our company [have/do/create]
Example template: How to [make/create/do/check] a %

  • How to create an architecture model ?
  • How smart are chatbots?
  • How many activities are there in process XYZ ?
  • How many applications are there without having a support contract ?

5. Where Questions

Example template: Where is/are % [used/created/stored/done]
Example template: Where in/at % do % make use of % ?

  • Where is standard ABC used in our organization ?
  • Where is personal data stored by application DEF ?
  • Where in our company do we make use of chatbots ?

6. When Questions

Example template: When is % ABC [finished/over/delivered/ready] ?

  • When is project ABC finished ?

7. Why Questions

Example template: Why should we/you/I/one % (a) %?

  • Why should I create a business model?

Chatbot AI Reference Architecture

The Dragon1 AI Chatbot was designed and created on Dragon1 via the reference model below. Take a look at it and see how it works. The diagram visualizes the principle (ie the working mechanism) of the Chatbot concept.

dragon1 chatbot reference architecture

Want to Use The Dragon1 Bot?

Are you interested in using the Dragon1 bot? Create a trial account and test it for yourself or contact us via or give us a call +31 (0)317 411 341 (GMT Working Hours)

Disclaimer - Note that the Dragon1 bot currently is far from being a replacement of human intelligence. Dragon1 can not be held responsible for the answers generated on questions by the bot.