Solution Architecture Digital Workplace Atlas

What is an interactive Atlas for Solution Architecture?

This Solution Architecture example consists of an interactive atlas for a Digital Workplace. It is a clickable visualization of concepts that are part of an architecture.

More and more organizations are innovating their workplaces into pure digital workplaces.

Digital Workplaces enable employees to collaborate more, work anywhere and everywhere they like and be much more productive and relaxed all at the same time.

solution architecture atlas digital workplace

An example Model Altas / Design Book

An atlas is a set of pages on which visualizations are placed and made clickable, using model relationships and attribute information to highlight or popup information.

Also external viewers (if configured) can leave comments on the atlas pages or even mail or print altered pages by themselves.

Having an interactive atlas for the Solution Architecture is an absolute must in order to design and realize a workplace meeting up to the expectations.

Experience how easy it is to make an Enterprise Architecture Atlas yourself.

solution architecture atlas digital workplaces

Key Benefits of Creating Interactive Atlases

  1. Speed up Results You can have your version of the interactive atlas after days by only updating the example.
  2. Dynamic Visualizations If you change model data, the atlas template is automatically updated.
  3. Repository Collaboration You can be productive as a team working together on an interactive atlas.
  4. Increase Efficiency of people and groups by deduplication of work and reuse of information.
  5. Work Anytime, anyplace, anywhere on any device.

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