Create your Dragon1 User Page. Fill it with visionary sketches for agile enterprises, share digital content, show your expertise with your network, and build up your personal online brand.

What is Dragon1 CONNECT?

Dragon1 as a whole is 1) a digital platform to co-create and manage enterprise architecture, 2) a set of resources including an open method for enterprise architecture, and 3) a community consisting of professionals, experts and job seekers that share visions and knowledge via digital models.

Dragon1 CONNECT is the subscription that enables you to create a Dragon1 user page and makes you a member of the community and gives you access to the core applications of the platform.

Dragon1 CONNECT supports you in uploading and sharing models on your page, creating sketches and doing project management. You can also create an online profile and portfolio on your page, write blogs, and extend your professional network.

Key features of Dragon1 CONNECT

  • Create a Dragon1 user page

  • Create a superb online profile on your page

  • Build up a business portfolio with visual content on your page

  • Connect with your network and manage relations

  • Create unlimited number of blogs on your page

  • Create and share concept sketches or business diagrams on your page

  • Manage projects and tasks

  • Use beautiful designs and create custom layouts for your page

  • Link your domain to your page

  • Personal Support

Build up your Personal Brand

Create your own identity, profile and channel. And claim your handle and channel URLs.

Screenshot of a user channel. You see the avatar and handle, personal styling, and a published visual content item.

On the Dragon1 Platform, you build your personal brand. You create visual content and publish it on your channel. Next, you start to invite other professionals to comment on your content and have startup discussions with them. To be able to do this you get your user channel page with a search engine-friendly URL. And you get a personal handle.

Suppose your name is John Smith and your interest is LEAN Process example:

  • As a Dragon1 CONNECT user your Dragon1 handle could be @JohnSmith
  • Your user channel URL could be https://www.dragon1.com/user/johnsmith
  • For your topic of interest you could create a channel page and claim an URL https://www.dragon1.com/channel/sustainability
  • You choose an avatar
  • You create a profile or resume page
  • You create a portfolio page
  • You create follow-lists of people and content of others.
  • And you start to do content marketing

With all these ingredients you build your personal brand online.

Anyone can create an account on Dragon1 and you are free to choose your username, handle, and channel names. You can create and claim as many channel URLs as you like.

*Dragon1 PRO users can also create and claim a company page URL.

Find Connections and Manage Contacts

Dragon1 CONNECT is the perfect tool for any business professional or consultant.

Dragon1 CONNECT is a networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners. You can manage lists of contacts and their details and participate in discussions.

dragon1 connect for networks

Screenshot of the Networking Module. Here you can find and create lists or groups of connections and networks. In the messaging module, you can have 1-on-1 interaction with your network contact.

You also have a Sketch module with basic features for strategy, process, and architecture modeling. With these tools, you can create any diagram, presentation, or visualization you need for your projects and portfolio.

On Dragon1 CONNECT, you build up an online presence with your profile and portfolio and you do updates to attract projects or find a new job. If you use all the features on Dragon1, you will stand out from the crowd as an expert and connect with people you trust!

Project and Client Management

If you are a business professional or consultant, you can organize your work completely on Dragon1.

dragon1 projects

Screenshot of the Project Module. You can administer and manage contacts and their details. You have a lot of features for tagging, grouping, and searching your contacts.

If you do projects for clients you can also administer and manage them.

Sketch Digital Models

If you are a business professional, consultant or student, you have come to the right place!

Dragon1 CONNECT is the networking version of Dragon1, the digital platform for enterprise architecture.

dragon1 sketch

You as the user will learn here to create valuable models, views, diagrams, presentations, and other types of visualizations for business purposes.

Dragon1 has a repository and web applications. All of your work is stored for later reuse and you can collaborate with other users.

Take a look at the Examples and the content in the Viewer to see what you can be creating with Dragon1.

Key Benefits

Dragon1 unlocks your talents, the potential of the internet, and repository-based web applications. This combination leads to important business benefits and outcomes like an increase in productivity, reuse, sustainability, risk control, and joy. Dragon1 above all makes your work more fun!


Sharing updates is a popular feature on many platforms. So also on the Dragon1 platform, you can keep your co-workers in the loop.

dragon1 feed

Screenshot of the Project Module.


You can stand out from the crowd on Dragon1: build up an online presence with a portfolio and profile.

On watch pages you can spread knowledge about new concepts with Dragon1, like Robotization. Teach yourself or educate other people on new concepts like Smart Cities. You can use Dragon1 for instance internally in business / IT projects and externally for marketing communication.

Dragon1 has six unique sets of features for you:

  • Social business networking: User Profile, ePortfolio, Blogging and Discussions

  • Organizing your work: Project Management, Task Manager, Clients Manager, and Contract Manager.

  • Finding a new job or project

  • Sketching vision and strategy.

  • Publishing models, diagrams, and presentations in channels and watchpages

  • The ultimate form of content marketing: Advertising your Skills and Portfolio

Key Features List

Per module in the Dragon1 Workplace, the key features are listed below:

Dragon1 Module


Projects Managing contacts, clients, contracts and projects
Planning GANTT Chart and Pert Chart of your Project
Sketching Visualizing vision, strategy and solutions
Messaging 1-on-1 private messages / email
Documents Creating text documents
Profiler and Blogger Create and manage your user profile, make it public (findable in search engines) or private and create and publish blogs.
ePortfolio Create and Manage your online CV with created content on the Dragon1 platform.


Dragon1 provides you with guidance exercises, tutorials and videos on creating visualizations, models, presentations and diagrams. Also, you can create your step-by-step guides and exercises for your content, making it the perfect online eLearning software tool or solution for everyone.

Every tutorial or task list makes use of the percentage-completed bar and for every tutorial or task list, session statistics are kept. This provides you as a user with feedback on how well you do your exercises.

Service and Support

As a user of Dragon1 CONNECT you have the following support options available:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Help pages
  • Discussion Forum
  • Technical service desk - If you run into an issue or bug in using Dragon1 we will respond compliantly to the bronze service level.

Your Data, Privacy and Copyright

Every user on Dragon1 gets his own separate database instance. Data is back-upped daily automatically.

Please Note: We do not share the data in your account with any other organization or provide access to it. We do not try to make money with your data or analyze it to discover trends and target you with advertising.

If we are notified of copyright infringements, we take that very seriously and we will act accordingly. Using Dragon1 means you comply with all of our terms.

Why a CONNECT Edition of Dragon1?

The Dragon1 CONNECT edition fulfills the need of users to have only access to the core features of Dragon1 and its repository, whereas the Dragon1 PRO, BUSINESS, and ENTERPRISE edition provides you with access to advanced and expert features.

The main difference is that CONNECT focuses on sharing models and building up a personal online brand. Dragon1 PRO, BUSINESS, and ENTERPRISE focus on strategic planning, enterprise architecture visualization, and monitoring transformation. These editions give you full access to the web applications Digital Workplace, Online Collaboration, Data Dashboard, Architecture Checker, Architecture Repository, Visual Designer, Enterprise Search, Viewer (with Chatbot Search), Import, Resource Center, Business Analyzer, Management Dashboard, eLearning, Watch Pages and Channels.

Read more about the differences between the editions of Dragon1 here.

Dragon1 Pricing

You can purchase your CONNECT user license here online at any time. And right away you can log in and start using Dragon1.

More Information

If you have any questions for us please mail them to info@dragon1.com or call +31 (0)317 411 341. Here is our contact page

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