Enterprise Architecture Transformation Roadmap

A digital Transformation Roadmap helps everyone, but mostly the CxOs to see the big picture.

This Enterprise Architecture Transformation Roadmap was created by a telecom organization supporting them in a step-by-step replacing old IT systems.

Create animated EA Transformation Roadmaps to see the impact of the IT strategy on the business strategy.

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What is an EA Transformation Roadmap?

A Roadmap for Digital Transformation puts all strategic changes into perspective. It shows the business plateaus in combination with IT plateaus changing over a period of time. It is also a calendar of planned or unavoidable changes of events.

Why Create Transformation Roadmaps? - The Added Value

Addressing Business Outcome Related Benefits

Creating an Enterprise Architecture Roadmap is only sensible if it has several direct benefits for the business. Four benefits of creating Enterprise Architecture Roadmaps have a direct impact on certain business outcomes. These are:

Benefits*Business Outcomes*
Giving an overview of the enterprise layers and architecture plateaus, their elements, and their interdependencies. Increase the quality of business planning.
Communicating the status of change blocking or enabling elements in the organization. Alignment of goals for strategic management.
Reporting where exactly the current situation is unknown (black holes) to management or where the situation is not compliant with standards or according to plan. Increase enterprise governance, compliance, and control.
Reporting sometimes ahead when and where elements are or will not be in control of the change program. Getting more in control of change.

*) Benefits - these are the direct positive results of creating and having a product like this.

*) Business Outcomes - these are the indirect positive results for the business of the organization because people make use of the created product.

Elaborating about the benefits

Below, we elaborate on these benefits and business outcomes when creating dynamic EA Roadmaps on the Dragon1 enterprise architecture management platform:

  1. With an Architecture Roadmap available you can communicate much easier when and where there is a certain issue, situation, or solution implemented in the company. Changes, transformation, and context can be communicated much more effectively. When you have an overview of things you can prioritize them better.
  2. Having a roadmap like this with the data in the database enables maintenance and consistency on this diagram.
  3. The Dragon1 Enterprise Meta-Model (see: reference models) helps you know what entity classes, entity types, and entities are of interest to put on an enterprise transformation roadmap
  4. The Open Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Framework, reference models, views and visualizations (diagrams) help you to look for certain entity classes and other information.
  5. On Dragon 1, you get tracking and traceability of connections, links, and chains in your enterprise model.
  6. You can create an interactive/response map of your enterprise transformation roadmap with popups about the information on the items you click on or move over.
  7. In the Viewer people can compose their own viewpoints and filter views of an enterprise transformation roadmap you publish.

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We hope we have inspired you to start roadmaps for your transformations.

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