Digital Workplace Application

What is the Digital Workplace Application?

On Dragon1 we provide you with a Digital Workplace. The Digital Workplace is where you start to work from and collaborate with your team members, your management or users from other organizations who are also on Dragon1.

You do projects here together, create products, share results and knowledge and do peer reviews. All lead to increased productivity and higher quality results and outcomes of your work.

To make it even easier you can send and receive messages, create text documents, plan tasks, write blogs, share updates and check your calendar. Just as you would expect of a Digital Workplace.

Dragon1 Digital Workplace Project Module

This is a screenshot of the configurable Dashboard in the Digital Workplace.

The Digital Workplace is used to start working from: startup applications (also outside Dragon1), access data (also outside Dragon1), post messages and collaborate.

So if you have a business application or tool you are not using, it might be even worth linking that tool on the Dashboard.

The Dragon1 Digital Workplace can only be accessed by logging in. Dragon1 PRO and ENTERPRISE users have access to all features.

The Digital Workplace is the starting point of your journey on Dragon1.

The most common tasks or projects done or products created, starting from the Digital Workplace are:

  • Create, Publish/Share Application Landscape
  • Create, Publish/Share IT Landscape
  • Create, Publish/Share Enterprise Architecture Dossier
  • Create, Publish/Share Process Model
  • Create, Publish/Share Business Model
  • Create, Publish/Share Process Landscape
  • Create, Publish/Share Business Architecture Blueprint
  • Create, Publish/Share Enterprise Architecture Blueprint
  • Create, Publish/Share Technology Roadmap
  • Create, Publish/Share Application Architecture Model
  • Create, Publish/Share Customer Journey Map
  • Create, Publish/Share Strategy Map

So if you are planning to do one of these things, the Digital Workplace will definitely help you to carry out this project in collaboration with your contacts.

Workplace Modules

The workplace consists of the following modules, each of which we briefly discuss here.

  • Projects Module
  • Contacts Module
  • Updates Module
  • Networking Module
  • Favorites Module
  • Knowledge Module
  • Documents Module

Projects Module

Dragon1 Digital Workplace Tasks Module

This is a screenshot of the Tasks Module in the Digital Workplace.

You can create projects here (screenshot1) and define tasks (screenshot2) per project.

The unique thing about the Projects module is that you can link knowledge to a task. With that, you can exchange knowledge from teacher to student or from expert to junior. This greatly increases the productivity of users.

Contacts Module

Dragon1 Digital Workplace Contacts Module

This is a screenshot of the Contacts Module in the Digital Workplace.

The time that you could do everything on your own is long gone. On Dragon1 you can create your own set of contacts. If your contacts are also Dragon1 users, you can request a connection so you can share data with them.

You can define teams (as groups of people) and have people collaborate in various teams. And because Dragon1 is an online business platform, your team may be multinational located.

Whether you are an external consultant or a business professional in an organization, the Contacts module makes sure you can find and contact the right people to work with.

Updates Module

Dragon1 Digital Updates Module

This is a screenshot of the Updates Module in the Digital Workplace

This module provides you with moderated social media messaging.

The update module allows you to broadcast messages to all other Dragon1 users. Only people who are logged in can access it.

By clicking on the orange button you can enter a message and upload picture, add a hashtag, user handle and hash tag to make your message complete.

Also you can filter the messages or follow the messages of particular user.

Favorites Module

Dragon1 Digital Workplace Favorites Module

This is a screenshot of the Favorites Module in the Digital Workplace

Suppose you need to present some results to a stakeholder, the favorites module is perfect to use. Also if you want to be inspired by some of the examples on this website, this module is the thing to use.

The Favorites module allows you to put any visualization created by one of your team members on a list or the worldwide published visualization in a channel.

By clicking on an item in the list, you will directly be forwarded to the Dragon1 Viewer and watch the visualization and leaving feedback notes. You can also define lists or groups where you can place the visualizations.

Knowledge Module

Dragon1 Digital Workplace Knowledge Module

This is a screenshot of the Knowledge Module in the Digital Workplace

This module, the Knowledge module, is about creating lists of resource pages. The favorites module is about creating lists of visualizations.

On Dragon1 we have this enormous resource base with pages in twelve different categories on many topics. Now if you need only some of these pages for your project, you can add these pages just with a click of a button to your knowledge list. You can even define groups to organize the page links.

Documents Module

Dragon1 Digital Workplace Documents Module

This is a screenshot of the Documents Module in the Digital Workplace

What is a Digital Workplace without the ability to create text documents on it. That is why we have provided you with a documents module.

All the content you create like a diagram, blueprint or application catalog, you can include in a text document and print or export the document.

Also you can share documents with other people in your team or even with users from outside your team. For that, you need to send them a Dragon1 message. Then they will receive a link in their Inbox and they can access the document or even edit it if you want them to.

Overview of Digital Workplace Features

Features Dragon1 FREE Dragon1 PRO Dragon1 ENTERPRISE
1. Projects Module
2. Contacts Module
3. Favorites Module
4. Knowledge Module
5. Documents Module

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