Social Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

Create animated Social Blueprints. Do the demo Enterprise Architecture Blueprint yourself.

This example Social Enterprise Architecture Blueprint focuses on social concepts like Social Media and is created on Dragon1. Dragon1 is a collaboration platform on which you as Business Professional can learn, create, share and control interactive content.

What is a Social Enterprise Architecture Blueprint?

A Social Enterprise Architecture Blueprint shows how an organization makes use of social media concepts: what benefit does it want to gain from social media and how is social media implemented?

A Social Enterprise Architecture Blueprint is a building plan visualization for an enterprise with a focus on social concepts as part of an enterprise architecture.

This Social Enterprise Architecture Blueprint shows how the data of the social media platforms the organization uses, is stored in one singe source data base.

dragon1 artist impression social media enterprise architecture

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Why Create an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint? - The Added Value

Creating an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint is only sensible if it has a number of direct benefits for the business. Four benefits of creating an enterprise architecture blueprint have direct impact on certain business outcomes. These are:

Benefits*Business Outcomes*
Giving an overview of the enterprise layers, their building blocks and their interdependencies.Increase the ability for the business to prioritize.
Communicating the status of strategy & operations blocking or enabling building blocks in the organization.Increasing Business Continuity, lowering the risk of interruption.
Reporting where exactly the current situation is unknown (black holes) to management or where the situation is not compliant to standards.Increase enterprise governance, compliancy and control.
Reporting exactly data or information is not used optimally or even stored duplicate.Making more use of information as an asset.

*) Benefits - these are the direct positive results of creating and having a product like this.

*) Business Outcomes - these are the indirect positive results for the business of the organization because people make use of the created product.

Key Benefits of Creating Social Media Enterprise Architecture Blueprints with Dragon1

  1. Speed up Results You can have your version of the Social Media Enterprise blueprint after days by only updating the example.
  2. Dynamic Visualizations If you change model data, the visualization template is automatically updated.
  3. Repository Collaboration You can be productive as a team working together on a Social Media Enterprise architecture blueprint.
  4. Increase Efficiency of people and groups by deduplication of work and reuse of information.
  5. Work Anytime, anyplace, anywhere on any device.

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