Import Application

What is the Import Application?

Dragon1 supports import (and export) of various files and formats to and from other applications, sources and systems.

For that a seperate Import application is created. Although the web applications Architecture Repository and Visual Designer have their own quick import features.

import example data previewScreenshot of the Import Application

Key Benefits

The key benefits of the Import application on Dragon1 are:

  • The option of enforcing a single source of truth (SSOT) for certain data entities
  • Mapping data onto 300+ predefined entity classes
  • Importing over 100 User Defined attributes per entity class
  • Updating previous data imports
  • Enriching imported data
  • Signficantly increasing reuse of data in the organization
  • Increasing the quality of data used in models, views and visualizations
  • Scheduled imports from sources and systems like ServiceNow and BMCRemedy

Files and Formats

The Import application supports the following formats for import:

  • CSV
  • TXT
  • ArchiMate (XML / .archimate )
  • XML
  • BPMN (XML / .bpmn)
  • Excel (XLSX / CSV)
  • Visio (VSDX)
  • Word (DOCX)
  • PowerPoint (PPTX)

Excel and Visio

Here you can read more about our features for importing Excel and Visio

dragon1 import visio

Data Lossless Import

Dragon1 focusses on providing you the ability to import data from other systems in a data lossless way so you are no longer locked-in to that systems.

If you are using an application, systems or database and you locked-in by the vendor, we can help you import all the data into Dragon1 without losing any report, script or relationship you have.

Getting Started on Dragon1

Are you interested in using Dragon1 and reuse all of your data?

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