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What is a Dragon1 Channel?

A personal Dragon1 channel is available to everyone who joins Dragon1 with a User License. The channel serves as the homepage for the user's account.

As an expert, specialist or consultant you can stand out from the crowd with a channel and publish your full architecture portfolio on it and maybe even get new projects with it.

After the user enters and approves the information, the channel shows the account name, a personal description, the public visualizations, presentations and videos the user uploads, and any personal information the user enters.

If you're a Dragon1 user, you can customize the background and color scheme of your personal channel and control some of the information that appears on it.

Businesses can also have channels. These channels are different from personal channels because they can have more than one owner or manager. A Dragon1 user can open a new business channel using a CONNECT, PRO, BUSINESS or ENTERPRISE edition.

Below is an example user channel.

How to Create a Dragon1 Personal Channel

Anyone can view Dragon1 without having an account. However, you need to create a Dragon1 channel if you plan to upload visualizations, presentations, videos, add comments, or make playlists.

Here is how you do that:

  • Log in to Dragon1 with your Dragon1 account.
  • Attempt any action that requires a channel, such as uploading a video.
  • At this point, you are prompted to create a channel if you don't already have one.
  • Review the information that's displayed, including your account name and image, and confirm the information is accurate to create your channel.

How to Create a Dragon1 Business Channel

An individual can control an Organization Account with a different name from his personal Dragon1 Account, and other users of Dragon1 can be given permission to access and manage the channel.

Here is how you can open a new business channel:

  • Log in to your Dragon1 account.
  • Open the Dragon1 channel switcher page.
  • Click Create a new channel to open a new business channel.
  • Enter a Brand Account name in the space provided and then click Create.

How to View Channels

A channel is a user's personal presence on Dragon1, similar to other social media sites. Select another user's name to visit that person's personal channel. You'll be able to see all the user's visualizations, presentations, videos and anything the user picked as a favorite, as well as anything else they want to share like their favorite channels.

Dragon1 provides a place to browse through Dragon1 channels where you can check out popular channels and subscribe to them if you choose to do so. Your subscriptions are listed whenever you visit Dragon1 for easy access to your favorite channels.

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