Content Viewer Application

What is the Content Viewer application?

The Content Viewer is a Dragon1 Application. The Content Viewer is for viewing static and interactive content published on Dragon1.

As user you can create visualizations and presentations in the Visual Designer or atlases in the Models Atlas. Next you can publish them public or private in the Content Viewer (meaning people can view them without or with logging in).

Here follows the startup screen of the Content Viewer:

Here follows an example screenshot of an interactive visualization in the Content Viewer. Click on it to view it in the Content Viewer directly.

Overview of Basic Features

Below is an overview of basic features of the Content Viewer per edition.

Features Dragon1 FREE Trial Dragon1 PRO Dragon1 ENTERPRISE
1. View Content
2. Traceability in content
3. Filtering text and images
4. Switching Layers on and off
5. Leaving Notes/Remarks
6. Look at different related views

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