Sketch Application

What is the Sketch application?

The Dragon1 platform provides users with a Sketch Application. It holds a library of 50 Canvases and one of them is the Business Model Canvas.

How to Sketch?

After you log in, you start up the Sketch Application via the workplace and you can simply design business models and strategy models by dragging the sketch symbols onto the canvas.

You can save the canvas in the Architecture Repository. You can edit the canvas later or edit it in the Visual Designer. You can reuse the symbols, and the canvasses and store them as different versions.

You can publish your business model, strategy model, etc. in the Viewer for the architects, analysts or other stakeholders.

Example Proposition Canvas

Below you see an example of how Dragon1 itself has used the Proposition Canvas for its product Dragon1 Channel in the sketch application:

Below you see the exported SVG image:

channel watch value proposition canvas

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