Dragon1 Watch Pages Application

A Dragon1 Watch page is a page that shows your published visualization, presentation or video. It can include a description with text, pictures and links. Viewers can leave comments behind and give feedback on your content. You can moderate these comments or disable comments.

If you are a Dragon1 user with a CONNECT, PRO, BUSINESS or ENTERPRISE license, you can create and publish content on Dragon1 in a channel. Any content you publish publicly in a channel can be watched by anyone freely, without being logged in on a watch page.

You can publish static and interactive visualizations, presentations, animations, documents, videos and music in a channel and view it on a watch page.

Below is an example screenshot of a watch page:

dragon1 watch page

How to Create A Watch Page

In order to create a watch, you need to do the following:

  • Create a Dragon1 Channel
  • Upload or create a visualization
  • Publish the visualization
  • Link the visualization to the Dragon1 Channel
  • Share your Dragon1 Watch page link via social media to get users.

Searching For Content

All publicly published content can be searched for and found via the Search bar on top of the screen.

Depending on how you name and describe your content, and how popular your content is, your content can be found easier or not among other alike content.

dragon1 search page

Posts Time Line

Every content that is published will appear in the Posts Time Line.