Use Cases

Enterprise Architecture is back on the road again and exciting. You can tackle and solve many problems in any organization with it.

The Dragon1 platform for working with Enterprise Architecture has various areas of applications. Here we present a few use cases so you can quickly explore how Dragon1 will work for you.

But first we introduce what architects do all they, next we introduce the 5 benefits of working with EA and finally the use cases that realize these benefits.

What Do Architects Do All Day?

Architects in your organization, when using Dragon1, are busy with creating a conceptual blueprint of the organization.

That means they are first creating views and visualizations of the current and future state of the organization aligned with the strategy of the organization. Think of an application landscape, an enterprise blueprint and a technology roadmap.

And next they share these views and visualizations with stakeholders and projects to support decision making and provide guidance for projects.

Doing this leads to realizing the five benefits of working with EA.

Watch the building blocks that need to be in place for EA to work in an organization at maturity level #1.

So now you know. That is what architects do all day, when using Dragon1.

The 7 Benefits of EA

Read all about the 7 benefits of EA here. The uses cases on this page all focus on realizing one or more of these benefits.

The Dragon1 Use Cases for EA

Here you find the Use Cases that focus specifically on realizing the five benefits of EA.